Melbourne's  Living Museum
of the West

Annual Report 2002

Presidents Report


Over the past two decades of the Living Museum’s life, it has lived up to its determinations and to its title.
It is a living organism that twists and turns, according to the needs of the communities it serves, and the input by many individuals who have worked tirelessly for the different causes and varied projects that the museum’s agenda demands.

As an ecomuseum we have taken a role in research, interpretation and presentation of history, culture and the environment in the region. Our primary aim has been directed to the local sense of place.

The dynamics of drawing on peoples skills and experience in the museum process explodes creatively to ignite exciting forms of museology. The museum is the ship but the crew is the community or the communities and they drive the organisation. History, Culture and the Environment are the three principles of association and fundamental to our ongoing work.

Consequently Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West always entertains events that are both special and meaningful, engaging the different communities responsible for the events. This past year is no exception to the observance of our ecomuseum principles.

The Grimes Re-enactment, the opening of the Bluestone Building, the ongoing conservation works of this building, organising talks on Aboriginal culture, website development and launch of the outdoor Chess Board are examples of the diverse programme the museum undertakes.

The bluestone building is quickly becoming an integral part of the museum’s work. Our extended lease with Parks Victoria to incorporate this additional building for the this work has meant that we can now plan and take part in a greater range of cultural activities catering for larger audiences. We are always appreciative of our ongoing partnerships with both Parks Victoria and Arts Victoria. Both organisations have worked with the museum for a number of years and supported our varied activities.

Economically we survive. Sometimes we have to be resourceful in the wide circle of grants that we apply for. The Director and Associates and Management Committee are to be praised with the highest of accolades for their devotion to the museum. All give that bit extra. No-one shirks their responsibilities and they all give so many hours to the workings of the museum because they believe in it so strongly and enthusiastically.


Susan Jennison


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