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student projects

Since the early 1990s the Museum has worked with various institutions to host and to help facilitate and develop course subjects for students, student research projects, exhibitions and other events.

Currently the Museum is eworking in partnership with various tertiary institutions.

student research and residency program

More information about the student research residency program including projects can be found here.


student work experience program

Although it is no longer has the resources to be able to host tertiary or secondary work experience students, during the 1990s the Museum helped students to produce and publish a small project of their own design based on the Museum's archives during their placement.

Like all projects hosted by the Museum the results add to the Museum's archive ansd resources. Some of these past student projects can be found here.























































-RMIT media and communications students 2018

-projects developed and published with work experience students (secondary, undergraduate, masters and phD)




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