Footscray Wharves and Environs

The ‘Survey’

River today

Riverine – 1986

The idea of the Wharves and Environs Project was to restore and landscape the west bank of the river in the survey area between the two bridges.

It was one of a number of projects underway along the Maribyrnong River and formed an important part of an urban renewal program, known as Riverine, undertaken by the City of Footscray.

The idea of this historical survey was simply to look at a few significant features or examples of the areas past heritage with a view to incorporating any of these into the Wharves Project where practical. Hopefully it could also be a pointer to further investigation of a neglected local heritage.

This area between these two bridges was the place where Footscray began.

Ships paused here before going on to the site of Melbourne on the Yarra near Queens Street. Sailors waited on the banks of the then Saltwater river, fixing ropes and carrying out general maintenance on their boats.

Consequently Pubs were set up followed by a number of other businesses. And this began the settlement of the west bank of the Maribyrnong River, which evolved into the remarkable suburb of Footscray.

See also: The Maribyrnong River Heritage Booklet (download pdf)

A picture of the brochure produced to promote the Footscray Wharves & Environs Project