RMIT Media and Communications Student Project

Untold Stories: People, Places, Open Spaces

For the past twelve weeks, media students at RMIT have been undertaking a residency at Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West as part of their course. Students have been able to utilise many of the archival resources which the museum provides and have sought out subjects that interest them and have created five unique projects. This experience has provided students with a look into Melbourne’s western suburbs in order to gauge the stories which need telling.

The past few months have been collaborative and creative, as students have worked with one another, the museum staff and our tutor, Kim Munro, in order to undertake the process involved with documentary making: research, production and interview. The product of this experience has been in the creation of five documentary projects which cover a vast array of topics, from the Westgate bridge to the culinary experience of the west.

For RMIT media students this process has been a highly valued one and an opportunity to work within communities which may have been previously unknown to them. We are proud to present these projects which include a range of content, from films to audio pieces, to websites. The vast range of topics means that there is something for everyone, and hopefully, a lot to learn about Melbourne’s west which incorporates the values of the Living Museum. 

Georgia Cerni 

The exhibition will open this Friday 12th October at the Living Museum Visitor Centre at 5 pm.

This link is to a website about this exhibition developed by RMIT media and communications students.

Summary of Projects

‘Behind The Curtain; The Woman’s Circus’

‘Behind The Curtain; The Woman’s Circus’ explores the world of The Women’s Circus in Footscray. The piece focuses on where and why the circus began, what it has grown into today and why it is such a fundamental organisation to many women’s lives. 

Harriet, Cinzia, Penelope, Riley

Taste of the West

Showcasing the triumphs of migrants in Melbourne’s West, Taste of the West explores the stories of three distinct migrant groups through their shared experiences with the food and restaurant business. Through the website, visitors are able to listen, view and read the stories of each group giving a deep experience into the lives of each culture. Alongside each short video, there is a photo-essay that delves deeper into each group, their restaurants or organizations, and their culture.

Annie, Sara, Ruby.

The People’s Map’
In this piece, the viewer is immersed in the history and presence of West Melbourne. The viewer will experience different mediums of media to learn about our four chosen suburbs of The West; Newport, Footscray and Williamstown.
This is a non-linear piece which explores different beliefs and ideas surrounding the suburbs to showcase the quirks of each of these communities. We hope to discover the history, multiculturalism, arts, businesses, culture and people that make up these places and what these suburbs are “known” for.
Our website is an interactive map of The West where the viewer can click on a pinpoint of a location, and then are shown one of our pieces. We want to show a variation of different pieces including, but not limited to, documentary, interviews, photo journals and soundscapes.
Our main focus is on organisations in the West that represents the hearts of each suburb, and how their work contributes to making the suburb what it is. We want to offer these opportunities for people wanting to seek work in the West and contribute to continuing to make the west the multicultural, creative and historic place it is. We think that by highlighting the people that do this work in these areas, we can allow viewers to have a better understanding of the West.

Brooke, Darcie, Georgia, Saskia, Zoe


Westgate is a video and audio collection which chronicles the history of the Westgate bridge. From before its creation to what it is today and how it has shaped Melbourne and affected the construction industry through personal accounts. 

Campbell, Nolan, Georgia, Antonia

Emerging Communities

Our team set out to discover how and where communities form, function and coexist within Melbourne’s West. Between visits to organised activity groups, community centres and shopping strips, this was as much a learning experience for us as it was an opportunity to teach others.

The Walker Close Community Centre has been providing the Western region with an incredible amount of support without any recognition.  Join us, as we shed light on the stories of people who found their community within the Walker Close Community Centre.

Bridie, Katia, Lindsay, Liam