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The Living Museum is currently working to convert its extensive archives into digital form that can be downloaded and accessed by the public via the digital library menu (below).

Hundreds of people worked for thirty years researching, photographing and writing about a wide range of topics to do with the unique history and heritage of the western suburbs of Melbourne. They did this largely within the framework of a particular philosophy of collecting local history which will also be explained to some extent on this website. Over this thirty years the people involved with this museum dealt with a thousand specific projects and scores of special programs. The content of this work gives remarkable insights into the nature of this region and the evolution of Melbourne.

It will take some time to digitise this work so bear with us while we bring this story to you. The digital library will be regularly updated with new additions of information and downloads.


The Living Museum has published a wide range of material in various media on the history, culture and environment of Melbourne’s Western Region. It also stocks publications on the region from other sources. For a full list please contact us. The following are hard-copy publications by the Living Museum and some for which we are sole distributors. These are currently available for purchase either at the Museum Visitor Centre or can be ordered by post.

Some of these publications are available as free to download pdf files,  links are provided below.
Please email the Living Museum admin@livingmuseum.org.au or ‘like us’ on our Facebook page in exchange for using this service. Thank you.

To order any of these publications – phone, write, email or fax us


+61 (03) 9318 3544

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