Postcards + Posters + Maps

The Museum holds a number of maps that show a different perspective on things. We plan to digitise and make a number of these maps available for download.

Presettlement Vegetation of the Western Region of Melbourne – Map

This is a very interesting map that shows where different plants grew in the western region of Melbourne before the arrival of Europeans. It shows that there was a She-oak forest on the banks of the Maribyrnong River and stands of Red Gum, Yellow Box and Grey Box where Essendon is now.

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Port Phillip Survey 1802 – Map

In 1802 the third governor of New South Wales, Governor King, sent the Surveyor General of New South Wales, Charles Grimes to explore King Island, Western Port, and Port Phillip, then the southern parts of the colony of New South Wales.The digital exhibition chapter, Charles Grimes survey of Port Phillip Bay, contains further information about this topic.

The map of Port Phillip Bay produced by Fleming and the Grimes party is available to download here.

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Doutta Galla – Geological Survey 1860s – Map

Soon after Victoria became a separate colony in the 1850s some serious surveys of the land were carried out in the 1860s by the newly formed Geological Survey. These maps are quite beautiful and capture something of the lay of the land in the early years of the colony. This map shows a section of the western region of Melbourne.

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