The Story of Newmarket Saleyards

Board 12: Acknowledgements

Initial Planning:
Museum of Victoria: Draft Report on Historic Interpretation of Newmarket Saleyards
by Andrew Reeves and Lisa Dale.
Melbourne City Council: Strategy Planning – Jenny Lee.
Victorian Government Major Projects Unit – Tjip Faber
Lynch’s Bridge General Advisory Committee
Historic Buildings Council

History Panels:

Text Sources:
Memoirs of a Stockman by Harry Peck, published by Stock and Land 1942
Newmarket Saleyards Historic Sub-committee – oral history,
Bill Clifton, Joyce Clifton, Millie Howe, Bob Tormer, Alan Whitfield.
Also Bill Hill, Kevin Cochrane, Keith Vincent and Vince Cruipi.
Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West oral history transcripts of interviews with workers at Newmarket Saleyards, 1985.

Photo Sources:
W. Angliss & Co. Pty. Ltd Melbourne City Council,
Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West,
The Royal Historical Society of Victoria, Chris Stanley,
The Herald and Weekly Times

Production By Photostory Pty. Ltd.
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The Story of Newmarket Saleyards Interpretive history panels were sponsored by:

Melbourne City Council –
’On the Hoof ‘The Back Gate’ ‘Working Together’

ICI Australia Pty Ltd
Victoria University
of Technology, Footscray
’Near and Far’ ‘World’s Largest’

Pioneer Homes ‘Going, Going, Gone’
‘For the Chop’

’A Dog’s life’

Vic. Govt. MPU ‘Stock Route Bike Path Racecourse Road’
‘Stock Route Bike Path Market Street’