The Story of Newmarket Saleyards

Board 7: The Back Gate

All animals leaving the Saleyards passed through the ‘Back Gate’, in order to cross Epsom Road on their way either to the City Abattoirs, Angliss Meatworks or further afield. In 1911, the Underpass was built and a Melbourne City employee worked at the Underpass as a stock counter, counting the animals as they passed through the gates under Epsom Road.

To keep a count on how many livestock came into the Yards, a pass system was used. The number of animals with each stock agent’s drover had to tally with the number on the pass which he handed to the stock counter as he moved the animals out of the Yards.

This pass or receipt was used by Council to tally up what was owed to them. Each animal that came through the Yards was counted and yard dues were taken out of the sale price of each animal. Yard dues paid for all works and maintenance at the Yards by the Melbourne City Council who administered both the Saleyards and the City Abattoirs.

Original panel sponsored by City of Melbourne

Yard Dues and Charges (per head)